You will stop thinking you’re awkward in front of the camera

I’ll be honest with you - almost every time when someone books a shoot with me I hear - “but you know, we are camera shy, we don't know how to pose, we feel awkward in front of the camera”. It might be true (ironically I’m camera shy myself!) but what you don’t realise is actually how easy this photo shoot is going to be for you. I’ve got lots of experience on how to work with non-model couples, I know how to guide into natural and relaxed posing and I definitely know how to get those emotions-over-poses photos. So engagement photo shoot will be a perfect practice for you before the wedding day and ultimate way to prove to yourselves you’re not actually awkward in front of the camera.


We get a chance to hang out and get to know each other better
In my opinion there’s nothing better for capturing candid moments than a friendly connection with your photographer. By the time we meet at your wedding day we would probably exchange some long messages, have a few calls and maybe FaceTime but I still think that getting to know each other in person and get the opportunity to work together is the best what you can do to feel more relaxed and have less stress while in front of the camera. During the engagement shoot we can talk about the wedding, about your story, how you see things and would like them to be, I get to know your likes and dislikes and all this will help us to establish that connection and get the photos you will cherish forever.

You got engaged? Let’s celebrate!
Being engaged is a very special moment in your life, moment when your life-long adventure begins so why not capture this time? We can get creative and go to a place that has a meaning for two of you, a place of your first date or proposal, or we can do something that you both enjoy like a city walk, hike in the forest, cooking, playing, dancing, having a picnic, it can literally be anything that represents you as a couple. It’s all up to you, I just want you to have fun and be you! And then years later it would be such a great opportunity to look back at the photos and live those moments again, moments when it all started.