Nowadays planning and organising a wedding can be a really stressful and unfortunately a bank-breaking venture. Your wedding day might be one of the most important days of your life but if you're planning a budget wedding it’s good to have different options to choose from, besides if you want to get married cheap it doesn’t mean you’re not going to enjoy it! 


This is a tricky one! Venue can easily become the greatest expense and rise costs of a wedding significantly. Not saying that to get the venue you want, sometimes you have to wait up to 3 years in a queue! Crazy, right? 
If you want to have a low budget wedding or you don’t want to wait endlessly for your turn, why not choose some alternative options? Like an outdoors wedding, for example, if your big day is during warm period of the year. There are so many gorgeous ideas how you can easily organise everything yourself, you can have a look here (link to a Pinterest board with ideas). If you don’t have a garden, you can hire a spot in one of the national parks for very little money, bring some benches, decorations and have a cozy picnic surrounded by nature. 
And this leads me to another idea - have you thought about eloping into the wild? You can read more about it here (link to the article) but I promise that this can be an amazing experience which will stay in your memory forever. There can be just two of you or some closest relatives and friends, you can get married first in your local registry office or have an official outdoor ceremony, it’s all up to you but it will definitely help to cut the costs considerably and make this day only about you.
Wedding abroad is a good way to combine marriage and honeymoon together! Of course it’s more tricky to organise something when you’re in a different country but there’re many agencies and planners that take care of this kind of things and offer all the services in one package. And if you want to go even cheaper try to look into AirBnB houses which can be an accommodation and simultaneously a place where you can throw a party if you don't mind outsourcing food and having DIY decorations. After all it’s all about memories and people around! 
You can also check for some alternative places like really cool pubs, glass houses, lofts or some other not so obvious spaces where you can have your wedding reception. If you’re up to something non-traditional definitely go for it as this is your day!
But of course if you already have a traditional venue on your mind and you’ve been dreaming about it since day one, go for it! Just remember that outsourcing such things like catering, decorators, DJ and a cake is really worth looking into instead of getting all this extras from the venue itself. I personally love DIY ideas and now in the age of Google and YouTube you can do so many things - starting from the invitations, flower arches and finishing with cake decorations and bouquets. There are so many sources of inspiration that you don’t even have to think how to tackle it - just find what you like and do it, because all the how’s are already explained. GUEST LIST
First of all remember that this day is only about you and only you get to decide who joins you to celebrate. I come from Russia and my country it is traditional to invite not only close but also all the distant relatives and make them happy in the first place by providing lots of food and drinks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have people around to celebrate your happiness but let’s be honest - sometimes you’ll see some of these people first or maybe second time in your life and if you’re on a budget each guest means more money, so be careful and try not to fall into the trap where you think you need to invite everyone because otherwise they’ll get upset.  
This part can cost you a fortune but only if you want it to! Let’s face it - you’re going to wear this dress just once in your life so it’s definitely not worth it to spend thousands. If your budget is really tight try checking AliExpress. This might not be the easiest and fastest way to purchase a wedding dress, but if you read and check the photo reviews, compare your measurements carefully you can get a gorgeous dress for no more than £150-200! There’s always an option of returning items so you can order a few dresses ans then send back those you don’t like. Same applies to bridesmaid dresses and suits too. 
Unless you’re after something very specific or exclusive we can agree that most of the cakes taste great whereas the price might not be that delicious. So one of the budget options would be to check for a wedding cake in such shops like M&S or Waitrose. You can buy a few cakes and just create your tiered cake, just add some decorations. Another option would be to find someone local who bakes cakes privately and again you can order just a plain “naked” cake and then add fresh flowers or any other decorations you like. And ultimately you can make it yourself! Or if you're not very skilled at baking talk to your mom, aunt, grandmother or a friend - I’m sure one of them will definitely be able to make a cake and decorate it (seriously, Pinterest is our everything).  
I hope my tips and ideas will not only help you to save some money when planning your wedding day, but also inspire you to get creative! Anyway whatever you do, it will be great!