Okay, first of all - CONGRATULATIONS, you’re getting married! It’s going to be a very special moment in your life and I’m happy and honoured you chose me to document this day.
You’ll be surrounded by the people you love and it’s definitely going to be an amazing day. As your photographer I want everything to be perfect for you, I want you to look back at your photos and have them bring you back to all those feelings and emotions you will experience on that day. So I’ve gathered some tips and things that a bride should be aware of on her wedding day ;)



First and probably one of the most important things - guests taking photos during ceremony.
I understand how precious this moment is for your guests and loved ones, and I really understand their eagerness to document every second of it and I definitely can work around people with their cameras and phones (unless they are jumping right in front of me in the aisle), but what I can’t do is photoshop out the devices from in front of their faces. Reaction on people’s faces is so precious and I’d rather capture it on photos than someone’s phone or camera. So do consider
having a sign that explains to your guests that the ceremony will be unplugged and the photographers are the only people meant to be taking photos. Check Pinterest for some ideas of signs – my personal favourite is: “Unplugged Ceremony: We invite you to be fully present during our ceremony. Kindly turn off all cell phones and cameras and enjoy this moment with


Take a moment to prepare the space where you’ll be getting ready, clean the clutter (like empty cups, suitcases, shoes and clothing on the floor). You’ll feel less stressed and the place will look much neater and photogenic.


Try to choose a room with natural daylight for your makeup/hair and getting ready photos as it is the most beneficial and flattering. If possible avoid artificial yellow light and make sure you take your most important portraits earlier in the day (especially if it’s rainy or cloudy) or right before the sunset and a few minutes after it so taking portraits can be divided into two parts to achieve more diversity and different vibes. And also if you have the opportunity to decorate the venue with candles and/or fairy lights do this and it will look stunning in photos!


Embrace them! Smile, cry, laugh - weddings are so emotional and authentic interactions are amazing to capture!


Try to relax and enjoy this moment, live in it even for 10 seconds. By doing so you’ll also help me to take a beautiful photo of you two ;) 


Do not concentrate on things that didn’t go as planned, let go and forget about them. There are things you can’t change so there’s no point in ruining your whole day because of them. Plan for backups, leave some more time for hiccups, be ready things might go a little wrong and let go when they do.


If you don’t wear or don’t like a lot of makeup on your face or complicated up do’s then don’t do it! This is your day and you want to feel comfortable so go for a look that will make you feel relaxed and confident. Get a trial done first and see what you like best.


There are no rules how this day should look like, your wedding is YOUR wedding so have fun and do what makes you happy! If you don’t want to have a big celebration or toss a bouquet don’t do it, if you want to elope where there’ll be only two of you feel free. Or anything on the contrary! This is your day and one of the biggest regrets you might have about it is the fact you didn’t do it they way YOU wanted trying to follow someone else’s opinion and trying to please everyone. Have fun, create memories and plan a wedding that is unique to you as a couple.