DIY wedding is a wonderful way to make your day very personal, get things that no one else has and tailor everything to totally suit your style. Sounds nice, right? But before your plunge into numerous projects that look so fun and easy on Pinterest, follow these guidelines to make sure that adding personal touches to your wedding isn’t going to cause more stress, time and money than it’s worth. 



Research ideas and read a lot before deciding what exactly you want to go for and definitely choose projects that include clear instructions, templates and videos. It’s always better to go for something beautiful yet simple rather than get into intricate details and get too overwhelmed by the difficulty of it.

Think only about your strengths - whether you’re good at baking and you’re looking into wedding cupcakes ideas or you're amazing at arranging flower compositions so you can save on a florist and make your own wedding bouquet, or you’ve got a beautiful handwriting so you can go for homemade wedding invitations - it’s all great!

Delegate! Of course it’s not fair to put all the workload on your family and friends, but why not create a fun way of sharing it? Get together with your girls for a crafternoon, treat them with sweets and bubbly and enjoy the time spent together. Or what can be better than baking a cookies or muffins for homemade wedding favours with your mom or grandmother? I’m sure your loved ones will be happy to get involved in your big day.

Do practice! Especially if it’s something that you need to make right before the wedding day (like flowers or edible favours). And make sure to have a backup plan if you feel it might not go the right way.

Remember how time consuming can be setting everything up. It’s great if you managed to make your own arch, garlands and flower decorations, but you don’t want to be late for your own wedding, so make sure you have enough time and help to put everything in place and then (very importantly!) tear down.

Think of transportation and logistics - where you are transporting your DIY items to and from, how they will get there and what you’re going to do with them after the wedding. Costs and difficulties with transportation and storing all the items in the long run might complicate the whole idea too much.

And lastly - ask yourself whether you actually need all the small details, signs and pieces of decor. Will they have an important purpose/function or you can do without them? Are they worth your time and energy? And eventually what will you do with them after the wedding?


You don’t have to be skilled at everything so don’t stress out about what you can’t do.
Besides it’s worthless to take too much on yourself on your wedding day, because instead of being happy you’ll be only worried and have no strength by the time of your first dance.

Don’t forget about the costs! Sometimes it may seem that having everything DIY is cheaper, but often it appears that having something ready-made significantly cuts the price. So if you need a special equipment or way too expensive supplies you might never use again, it’s pointless to buy it.

Don’t try to make everything from the scratch. Think of ordering an undecorated cake and then adding fresh flowers. Buy cookies from the local baker and then package them yourself at home.

Don’t do your catering. It’s not something that can be easily pulled off and you can’t attend your own wedding by cooking for it too. Caterers are trained to prepare enough food, keep it hot, serve it on time and in a professional manner.

Do not photograph your own day.. It’s a fun idea to have a few disposable cameras on tables, ask your friends and family to take photos on their phones but in the end of the day your wedding photos are one of a few tangible things to help remember your wedding and make your heart warm and put a smile on your face even after many years. So if you want to have lots of great high quality shots, I’m sure you won’t regret having a pro photographer.

The most importantly - don’t forget what it’s all about! This day is about you and your other half only, and this is a day you want to remember as full of happiness and joy, so if you’re bursting with creative ideas how to have a DIY wedding it’s amazing and definitely go for it, but don’t let it take over completely if you’re not feeling confident enough or it gives you too much stress. There are tons of suppliers and talented professional teams who will be with you, listen to what exactly you need and make it best way possible.