“What if I don’t like being photographed? How should I pose? I don’t know how to pose! What should I wear? What should I do with my hands? I’m camera shy and usually feel awkward in from of it!” I bet you have all these thoughts in your hand and this whole idea of having a romantic couple or engagement photoshoot might seem a bit stressful, but don’t worry, I’ve got it covered and prepared a few guidelines what to remember about while getting ready for a photoshoot. 


First of all, breathe out and relax! Photoshoots are not about professional posing, arms in the right place or perfect hair, they are about you, your love and your emotions. I will help you, I will guide you, I will ask you to do some silly things like running, jumping or twirling, but don't worry, it’s going to be fun! We will be having a casual conversation, I’ll crack a few jokes and you won’t even notice how time will fly. 

As for clothes, you should definitely choose something what’s comfortable for you - there’s no need to dress up if you don’t feel like yourself or can't relax. Cozy sweaters, your favourite jeans, comfy t-shirts, dresses, shirts, jumpsuits, shorts - whatever you like depending on where a photo shoot takes place. It would be more important to think about colours - try to avoid clashing patterns, neons, too dark or bright shades. The best is to go for something neutral, pastel or faded.
Before a photoshoot it’s good to assemble everything together and send to your photographer so can together decide what exactly to choose and what will fit best. Besides, don’t forget that you can take a few outfits with you, especially if you’re changing several locations.  

Hair&makeup is also totally up to you however as a professional makeup artist I’d advice to avoid strong evening looks or intricate hairstyle, especially if the photoshoot is outdoors.