Don’t go overboard. A stressful wedding is no joke, so when planning a wedding, try to think and focus on what is important to you as a couple. Don’t follow common stereotypes, please everyone if your heart is not in it. Don’t get flower arrangements if you prefer fairy lights and feel free to have a small ceremony if you don’t fancy a huge venue and celebration with distant relatives and people you’ve never seen. Sticking to just traditions that you truly care about will make your wedding even more meaningful. 


Make a list of all your “needs” vs “wants”. And be sure to have all the “needs” covered first and if you have some budget left, move to the “wants” part. Prioritising your absolute must-haves will help you to stay focused and spread your budget in the less stressful way. 
Book as many services as you can with one vendor. It definitely saves time and by doing this you can get some nice packages in a good price. And don’t forget to be visual! Get an inspiration board for every aspect of your wedding so it’s easier for a vendor to understand what exactly you mean and get it right.   
Start delegating early. Planning your wedding can be a perfect way not only to spend more time with your dearest and loved ones, but also to make sure it’s stress free and fun! So if you know anyone who’s got special skills for any DIY project or spreadsheet planning, get them involved in as many aspects as possible and guaranteed the whole planning will be easier. 
Be flexible and have a plan B. Yes, this is your day and you want everything to be perfect, but don’t let small things and hiccups stress you out. Starting from being flexible about the date and venue to rolling with whatever might go wrong on the actual wedding day, like the bad weather for example. Having an outdoor ceremony/reception? Think of a tent in case it rains, stand-up fans if you’re worried about a heat wave. And relax. You can't control it anyway. 
Get a wedding planner. If you feel that the whole planning situation makes you too overwhelmed, there’s no need to push yourself to the limits. A wedding planner will not only help you to put together and organise all the ideas you have in mind, but also be a great help and relief while communicating with vendors and venue. You can go further and hire a day-of coordinator to handle the details on the actual day. 
Take good care of yourself. Preparing for the wedding eat healthy, do yoga, have good night sleep and try to relax as much as possible. It’s important to make this period of your life full joy and pleasant anticipation because this is how you want to remember it. And please eat on the wedding day! You’ll need all the energy possible and it’s fun being around a “hangry” bride ;)
Keep your schedule clear. It’s tempting and sounds fun to have a brunch with your girls, then line up all the beauty procedures together, but it will only cause more stress and fuss. Try no to do too much and spend more time enjoying the moment. 
Remember why you are doing this. Do your best to cherish this special moment in your life and enjoy, but do not get obsessed about meticulous planning and perfection in everything, because it will just make you miserable in the process. And let’s be honest, the dresses, cakes, flowers and food have little importance to the success of your marriage. All you need is love!