Oomi and Mike reached out to me right after they came back from Las Vegas where Mike proposed so they wanted to have their engagement photo shoot done. When I found out they were from Brighton I got very excited as I always wanted to go to the seaside and shoot there with the white cliffs in the background. Unfortunately on the day when I arrived to Brighton the weather wasn’t in our favor. It was cold, windy and raining quite heavily so when we got to the beach I realized it was absolutely impossible to shoot as we all got soaking wet within one minute of being outside.


So not to lose the day and opportunity to do a photo shoot we found a small shelter under the trees and took photos over there. And you know what? Despite the wind, rain and my lens being constantly wet, these photos became one of my favorite. Yes, they are moody, some of them are a bit blurred, but look how much warmth there is between Oomi and Mike! And I was really surprised how joyful, easygoing and positive they stayed despite bad weather conditions and the fact we couldn’t do everything as we planned. We agreed to meet again for another engagement photo shoot and hopefully next time the weather will be better and I will be able to capture their love story surrounded by the cliffs and the ocean.